Asked about a report in the Express on Monday that he had used obscene language onstage while performing

at the annual “Soca Spree” event in Tobago and a Facebook post which claimed he had “disrespected

Tobagonians”, Montano again went into detail to explain his history with the event and his close relationship with the sister isle.

“If I disrespected fans —accor­ding to this person, would they have stayed? Would they have been singing happily leaving the fete? I feel like when people can’t stop Machel Montano, they try to get people to stop loving Machel Montano, but yuh cyah stop love. Love is pure. Because I love the fans, I do my shows to the end of my existence. Every night, I does die and come back. Every single show! So this is a disrespect to me for that person to say that because it is not an accurate report. Disrespect? Me? Never!

Tobago loves me and I love Tobago. I ran off that stage and to me it was just like I did in Fantasy. Ah said, “Wha happen to allyuh? Allyuh ain’t want to jump or what?” And it have ways, it have reverse psychology, you never see… Ah do it in Black To Blue you see, when I say “Ah going give allyuh a Rupee, I gone!” I do it… Every night it is part of my act because the people hard to move these days”

Asked for comment over the weekend on the incident, Montano called on the media to focus on the positives of the show. He said he had performed for over two hours and the focus should be on that.

Montano will host a special panel discussion on his 33 years as an entertainer on January 28 at the Onstage archive display, which is currently open to the public at Boissiere House.