Dancehall artiste Spice has responded to an alleged picture of her that has been circulating via social media.

The picture depicts a young woman wearing glasses, who bears a striking similarity to Spice, performing oral sex on a man.

In responding to the photoshopped picture, the So Me Like It deejay stated that “badmind is a hell of a ting”.

“Woke up, and they are sending around a ‘photoshopped’ picture claiming its me…I buss out a laugh when I saw it, because I was like, why would I be… with glasses on, though? … Well, unuh have nuff more pics fi make because me nah stop dis year, and mi a go harder, so unuh can start plan a suicide.

“The time you take trying to bring me down, you would use the time and put it in your own life. God have mi ting govern, so unuh can’t bring mi down. ‘Cause a weh God say, a nuh weh man say,” a statement from the deejay read.

This is the second time in recent weeks that a fake image of an artiste has made its way to social media. Earlier this year, Pamputtae denied reports that she, too, was involved in an explicit pic. It was later revealed that the picture was of a porn star.

In the meantime, Spice has been busy promoting her latest singles, Back Bend and Conjugal Visit. The artiste recently returned to the island after a successful tour of France.

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