Dancehall-reggae group TOK has a collaboration with Pop/R&B artiste Kreesha Turner which is qualified to reinject dancehall-reggae into the international market.

Kreesha, who has a new record and management deal with Cannon’s Ncredible Entertainment, was raised in Jamaica and Canada.

Hype Life Magazine understands that the Dancehall fusion entertainer was recently on the island with Nick Cannon, promoting her new single with TOK titled “Sexy Gal.”

Turner is currently finished recording her third album entitled Evolution Inevitable with a new direction of her sound infused with Dancehall, Hip Hop and R&B.

A video for Sexy Gyal will be released in 2015.

While in Jamaica, Cannon and Turner went to several entertainment hotspots, including Wet Sundayz and Hellshire Beach.

“I’ve never been to Jamaica,” Cannon told media reporters. “And Kreesha has always been telling me about where she’s from. I wanted to see the authentic culture,” he said.

“She is doing something that they (the audience) haven’t heard in a long time. So she is a potential superstar,” he added.

Cannon disclosed that he would like to work with local acts, but is new to the culture and therefore is taking it slow.

“Right now, I’m paying attention to who’s picking up in the clubs and dances because I always want to get it right. However, right now, my focus is to get Kreesha popping here in Jamaica. I believe in authenticity and being organic so I’m just paying attention and getting more engulfed in the culture before making any move like that,” he stated.

He is committed to getting Turner to mainstream and, therefore, is not looking to sign another female act from Jamaica at this time in order to prevent conflicts of interest.

TOK member Flexx said the song has been receiving positive reactions from persons who appreciate Jamaican music.

“We have been working with an Orlando-based producer called DJ Budda and he also works with Kreesha. She wanted to get a more Jamaican sound because of her Jamaican roots, and so DJ Budda submitted our music to her. She told him that she knew TOK and she liked the songs, so we recorded our part and sent it to them and she recorded hers. She is a platinum-selling artiste in Canada so this is good for dancehall,” Flexx told reporters.

TOK will release its album, Taking Over in 2015.

The group will also host its annual festival, Blue Mountain Music Festival, on February 21-22.