Ashton Kutcher is preparing to take to the witness stand to give evidence in the trial of Michael Thomas Gargiulo, who is accused of killing the actor’s then-girlfriend Ashley Ellerin, 14 years ago. Reports suggest the 36-year-old will be called to step into court for the trial within the next few months.

The handsome actor was dating 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin back in 2001, when she was fatally attacked in her Los Angeles home.

Ellerin was murdered by psycho-sexual thrill-killer, Michael Thomas Gargiulo who lived just 400ft away from Gargiulo in Los Angeles and attacked her while she was showering and stabbed 47 times.

Ashton, who was already appearing in That 70s Show at the time – on which he co-starred with his now-fiancée Mila Kunis – was in touch with Ashley on the day she lost her life.

The student and aspiring model called the budding actor to ask if they could watch the Grammys together, but they arranged that Ashton would instead visit her later at her Hollywood bungalow.

When Ashley didn’t respond to two phone calls, Ashton later went to her home. After knocking on the door and calling out to her with no answer, the Two and a Half Men actor left.

While Ashton has rarely spoken about the death of Ashley, his written testimony will be crucial for prosecutors to prove the time of death and strengthen their case.