In 1980 Bob Marley opened up to the late American television reporter and interviewer Gil Noble in his ‘Like It Is’ interview.

Marley spoke about his life, the church, the bible, Christianity, Rastafarianism and his music in the 26-minute interview.

It is now history surrounding the night gunmen shot up his house on Hope Road, but as Marley revisited the night some interesting facts came to light.

He said about three nights before the incident he was living in Bull Bay and he got a vision that he was in a “barrage of gunshots” and when it was all over he didn’t receive a shot. In his vision too he saw his mother being hit with a bullet.

“Is like the vision sey don’t run stand up. When the gun shot start fire a Hope Road the first thing come inna my mind was the vision don’t run, so mi just stand up,” Marley told Noble during the interview.

Going to school he admitted to not knowing much about his own culture. He was never taught about Marcus Garvey whom he admits to having a big influence on him, but was instead taught about Christopher Columbus.

“I didn’t learn much about Garvey in school, didn’t get education that when you grow up you know who you is, but you hear about Christopher Columbus,” he said.