And now, Terry Crews is his own dolled-up wife in a pre-Super Bowl commercial for Old Spice that debuted on Thursday.
The 46-year-old promotes the brand’s electric shaver in a wild bit that sees him living through a nightmare that he must shave himself to destruction to escape.

The Expendables actor plays double duty, twice, in the viral video – first portraying an older man and his present-day self in the beginning of the segment.
The former San Diego Chargers linebacker, wearing only red shorts, demands a senior with untamed facial hair to ‘shave off that nasty beard’ and proceeds to shear the man’s face, only to realize that he has just given himself a trim.
The concept of existing in the same place and time is apparently mind-blowing: ‘Oh no, that was me!’ he yells before the pair explode in fire and smoke.

Moments later he wakes up in bed, apparently realizing he suffered a nightmare, telling his wife: ‘I just had the worst dream.’
What emerges from his bedside is a copy of his 6ft 3in muscular-self cloaked in a housecoat, chestnut brown wig with tresses in rollers, pink lipstick and a clearly visible goatee.
Alarmed by the sight, he screams: ‘Oh no, I married myself!’ and turns the electric shaver on himself where he shreds his body to bloody morsels.

His female alter-ego responds from her bed: ‘Men!’ and a laugh track concludes the commercial, which has received more than 400,000 views only a day after premiering on YouTube.
The advert is one in a series of many Internet hits for Old Spice that the Everybody Hates Chris actor has led to popularity.
Speaking to Muscle & Fitness, he said he has taken part in the commercials because he considers the campaign an innovative entertainment medium.
‘First of all, me and Old Spice, we changed what commercials were. You could actually watch commercials for entertainment now, and that was unheard of before.’