From the looks of it, Kanye West and Paul McCartney have formed a musical bromance.

After joining forces for Kanye West’s “Only One,” the rock legend and hip-hop multi hyphenate might just be taking things to the next level. Taking to Instagram with a game-changing tidbit was Ibn Jasper, West’s longtime friend and barber, who revealed that West’s upcoming project will be co-produced by McCartney. He also shared that West and McCartney’s latest collaboration with Rihanna, “FourFiveSeconds” will appear on both of their upcoming albums:

Earlier this month, Ty Dolla $ign dropped the bomb about Rihanna, Sir Paul and Yeezy’s track. He also shared that he worked on at least seven songs with McCartney and West, including “Only One,” on which he lends background vocals.

A release date for West’s forthcoming album has not been announced, but it seems to be inching closer and closer.