Last Sunday, three of St. Vincent’s top Soca artistes took part in the International Soca Monarch Semifinals in Trinidad & Tobago, with Skinny Fabulous and Fireman competing in both Power Soca & Groovy Soca category and Fya Empress competing in the Power Soca category of the competition.

Each artiste competed with a passion and enthusiasm that reflected their true love for their art, especially in the Power Soca category where they displayed the unique energy Vincentians bring to Power Soca.

However, the defining moment for all Vincentians watching was when Skinny Fabulous joined Fireman Hooper on stage during his Power Soca performance and when Fireman reciprocated the action during Skinny’s performance.

As rivals for years, competing against each other at the top of Vincy’s Soca pyramid, there often seem to be friction between both artistes which usually transforms Vincy mas into a period of war between Skinny Fabulous and Fireman Hooper fans. Yet, despite this, both artistes managed to put their differences aside and enthusiastically supported each other while representing their country on the International Soca Monarch stage.

What inspired this? Well, after speaking to both Skinny Fabulous and Fireman Hooper, we understand that the unity was initiated by Skinny Fabulous who decided that it was time to show his fans and the world that him and Fireman CAN stand united. Skinny approached Fireman’s manager, Herric Horne, to ask for a role in Fireman’s performance to which Herric agreed. Skinny said he then approached Fireman and told him, “Fire, I hope you don’t mind but I coming on your stage with a Vincy flag.” According to Skinny, Fireman was pretty enthusiastic about the idea and responded, “Man yes! Come on stage!” Skinny went on stage flying the Vincy flag and danced around with Fireman and his dancers. When it was time for Skinny Fabulous to execute his performance on stage, Fireman approached him with the same request and supported him on stage, also brandishing the Vincy flag.

Both artiste were asked if they see a possible collaboration in their future, Fireman replied, “Sorry but based on my beliefs, I don’t speak about the future but me and Skinny have collab. before … Let’s just see of it happens again.” while Skinny responded with a simple, “Why not.” Collaboration or not, it is quite safe to say that seeing both artiste on the same stage representing SVG and supporting each other brought instant gratification to the hearts of all Vincentians and we couldn’t have been any prouder. We hope their unity solidifies throughout the many Vincy mases to come!