NBA baller Dwyane Wade hasn’t really been one to feed into any public negativity regarding his personal life, but a few fans apparently took things little to far for his taste with their comments about his wifey Gabrielle Union during a recent game.

Fed up with the fans taunting him about Gabby, DWade responded with a middle finger and not a single fawk given. He later had this to say about the NBA needing to do a better job of protecting their athletes by monitoring fans who take things too far:

“The NBA is an unbelievable league, and I’m one of the first ones to be doing NBA Cares and all these things in the community, but they need to protect us a little more,” Wade told The Associated Press. “They need to do a better job of protecting players in the arena. It’s open game on us. We’re big boys, we can take it, but everyone has their breaking point.”

Wade said a number of fans were saying things about his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, and that the comments got progressively worse as the night went along. He lost his cool, approaching the group with the middle finger raised on one of his hands

In light of the incident, Dwyane was fined $15,000 by the NBA and also said his children even revoked his phone and television privileges.