Soca artiste Rodney “Benjai” Le Blanc is lucky to be alive sources at the President’s House said yesterday after they confirmed the car in which he was a passenger was shot at because it was allegedly following the President’s escort along the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, Aranguez, San Juan, on Sunday.

According to the source, Le Blanc’s car was dangerously close to the escort detail which was taking acting President Timothy Hamel-Smith to the airport where he was to meet with President Anthony Carmona, who was returning from Bolivia. At one point, one of the police vehicles in the detail slowed down and a policemen leaned out and fired shots at the vehicle in which Le Blanc was.

One of the bullets reportedly blew out one of the vehicle’s tyres and the driver was forced to stop. The police vehicle did not stop and another police vehicle arrived on the scene later. The police who arrived in that vehicle took no action in the matter. The entire incident was caught on video and was subsequently posted on social media. Le Blanc suffered minor injuries in the incident.

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