Remember Jagged Edge, who reigned supreme in the early 2000s with their oversized baby blue velour suits, white head bands, platinum chains and braid hang-time? Unfortunately, one of the group members Kyle Norman (no, not one of the twins) has just popped back into mainstream media. But it isn’t via a YouTube video of him delivering new tunes.

According to CBS News, Norman was arrested this morning (Jan. 29) on aggravated assault charges for hurting the woman he was engaged to. Atlanta police officers showed up to Norman’s home on Peters Street to respond to a domestic dispute call. When they got there, they found his wife-to-be alive, but with significant cuts and bruising. The victim reportedly had a huge knot on her forehead, a cut on her nose, a burst blood clot in her eye (consistent with her claims of being punched) and had been choked both with a scarf and when he shoved her engagement ring down her throat.

The violent dispute allegedly erupted after she confronted Norman about his drinking habit. However, Kyle told the police it was because of anger about Kyle’s father having cancer. Unfortunately, this is not the first report of violence from the the ex “Where Tha Party At” singer. A battle of R&B’s past between Kyle and Sisqo erupted backstage at a concert at the Concord Pavilion last September.

Kyle was taken into Fulton County jail and his fiancee is being treated at Atlanta Medical Center.