Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Safaree “SB” Samuels started a stir when he went on The Breakfast Club and responded to Nicki by stating, “Don’t say, ‘I don’t have no talent.’ Because every time it came to writing raps and doing music – it was me, her, and a beat. She doesn’t do it by herself. It’s me and her.”

The phrase “came to writing raps” suggested Safaree was revealing he helped Nicki put her rhymes together. SB is now claiming that is not what he meant by that statement. But when Power 105s Charlamagne Tha God specifically asked about Nicki’s previous declarations she writes all her own lyrics, Samuels did not acknowledge if that was true or false.

Minaj reportedly expressed to another New York radio station she was upset her ex would claim he contributed to her writing. The station’s morning show host told the audience, “when you assert that somebody wrote your rhymes – you know that’s Nicki’s thing.”

Safaree jumped on Twitter to address how his words came across. The tweets included him posting, “I never said I wrote her raps.”