We previously posted a story about 50 Cent calling Instagram model Holly “Community Cakes” and she responded by threatening to go public with domestic violence inflicted by 50.
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Bossip recently reported that 50 has now apologized to the IG model.

Did 50 Cent actually apologize to someone for his social media shenanigans? If you’ll recall, yesterday 50 called out Instagram Model “Tatted Up Holly” as community…um…property — naming off other people he claims the woman has slept with after a site mistakenly identified her as his girlfriend.

Realizing that Holly is being personally attacked on social media (or perhaps being careful of all the dirt she has on him), 50 Cent took to Instagram to recant the nasty things he said about her yesterday:
Wow…it’s rare to see 50 admit he’s wrong — without some coercion at least. Do you think this apology is sincere… or is 50 trying to smooth things over so Holly won’t unleash her alleged proof of a violent beatdown at his hands??

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