So, you like pizza. You’re certainly not unique in that respect, but how much do you really like it? Do you, for example, want your condoms to look like a box of pepperoni slices?

Russian designer Marina Malygina thinks that a lot of Americans would. Inspired by the episode of Friends in which Joey struggles to decide between pizza and sex, Malygina apparently thought, “Why not both?” And thus, the pizza condom was born. Each condom wrapper resembles a slice of pepperoni pizza and comes packaged in a tiny box labeled “Seriax.” Malygina explains, “Pizza and sex are important parts of American culture…that’s why this limited condom package will be interesting for most young people, not only Friends fans.”

So, if you’re still disappointed over the fact that pumpkin spice condoms are not really a thing, just know there are other options out there.


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