Dancehall artiste Aidonia is taking a proactive approach towards his career for the new year with the unveiling of a new project – a movie chronicling snippets of his life and that of the members of his camp.

Though still in its infancy, the proposed 40-minute visual will be compliment to the soon-to-be-released ‘Open Sky Rhythm’ which showcases the musical skill set of the JOP camp.

According to Aidonia, he wanted to present the compilation in a more realistic and appealing manner via a movie format while still encompassing the personalities of each member of his camp into the story line.

“JOP has always been about difference and setting trends, from the way we pen lyrics to even the delivery, so we decided to present the ‘Open Sky Rhythm’ in a different format from the cliché music video and hence the birth of the movie concept. The fans can look out because this project is definitely going to be something to talk about,” he said.

Without divulging all the details, Aidonia confirmed that he has enlisted the services of three accomplished directors to work in tandem with him and his team and affirms that the final product will be as thrilling as any silver screen blockbuster.

Aidonia’s song Lightening, which is featured on the ‘Wul Dem Again’ rhythm has been enjoying immense popularity in the local entertainment space. He also recently released a new single titled Gangsta Town. Produced by Ancient Records and featured on the ‘Brawd Board’ rhythm, the song sees the deejay offering a stern warning to all modern day wanna-be gangsters.