Kim is getting naked once again and this time it’s for ‘Love’ but she just bared all in ‘Paper’ so is this too soon?

At this point Kim Kardashian, 34, has left absolutely nothing to the imagination. The reality star famously cried and said she would never pose naked after her W Magazine cover in 2011 but she got naked for Paper Magazine in 2014 and she’s ringing in 2015 with a nude spread for Love. She has a beautiful body but you would think she might want to shock viewers with something different like keeping her clothes on!

Kim’s new nude shoot is expected to hit stands later this week and it was shot by photographer, Steven Klein, according to Page Six.

She will look “balloony, like a Jeff Koons sculpture,” the insider reveals. But in case you thought Kim posed for this spread recently, the reality star in fact did this long before Paper made headlines in November of 2014. “This is an inaccurate article,” a Klein spokesperson told Page Six. “This story was shot before Paper magazine came out.”

But Kim’s camp is said to be upset because it’s “one nude after another. Nobody wants her with clothes on anymore.”

In case you forgot, Kim cried on KUWTK about her nude photo shoot for W in 2011 because she claimed they told her it wouldn’t be nude. But since posing totally naked since then, she reportedly apologized to W editor Stefano Tonchi for slamming the magazine.

In the meantime, Kim is on the cover of Vogue Australia and she isn’t naked but she’s in a bikini. We posted several of the pics of her running along the beach, Baywatch style, and she looks gorgeous. We much prefer Kim with clothes on and we want to know what you guys think!