As if things could get any worse for the Brown family as they monitor Bobbi Kristina’s dire medical condition, they have literally started fighting each other.

TMZ reports that Bobby Brown, his sister Tina and their cousins went to dinner Thursday night, February 5, at an Atlanta restaurant.

An argument broke out when one of the cousins, Shayne Brown, called Tina a “crackhead,” sparking an all out brawl. Tina reportedly hit Shayne over the head with a bottle. Both Bobby and Tina were throwing blows during the fight.

Cops were called, but Tina was gone by the time they arrived.

Three people were injured, including Shayne, who had to get stitches for a cut on his head. No arrests were made.

As for Bobbi Kristina, TMZ reports that Bobby refuses to take her off of life support. His family is praying and believe that God will provide a miracle and be able to save her life.