Safaree Samuels is slowly but surely becoming a circulated name on the pop culture scene in light of his very publicized split from YMCMB first lady Nicki Minaj, but he’s now focused on moving forward with his music.

SB recently sat down with XXL Magazine for a quick chat about his upcoming EP, whether or not it will include songs about the break up and even commented on the real status of his current relationship with Nicki amidst all the rumors. Check out a few interview excerpts below.

So aside from “Burner” what else can we expect from your EP?
There’s definitely going to be some personal stuff on there. That’s another thing, too. People are going to really be able to hear where I’m coming from. It’s not just going to be your typical rapper, I’m going to have a couple of things in there that’s going to be personal.

When people hear [my next song], they’re going to be blown away. It’s a really dope song. It’s called “Bruce Wayne.”

What is it about?
It’s about a guy who’s talking to a girl; he’s just telling the girl how he wants to make her feel good, but it’s in a sarcastic, funny way. Also just letting a girl know, “Hey, I like you but don’t get it twisted.” It’s a fun record. It’ll make sense for the spring time.

Can you tell me a little bit about your new music?
I’m Jamaican, so there’s some things in there of the Jamaican culture. There’s a big Jamaican influence. I’m from Brooklyn, I’m from New York, so they’ll be feel good N.Y. music. There’s going to be down South music.

I’m not your typical New York artist. I’m not out here trying to act like I’m a thug who’s going to shoot you and kill you. Because people that are shooting are not free doing music, they’re in jail. I’m not even trying to portray that.

Do you want to touch on Nicki at all?
They’ll hear it in the music coming up.

I get the vibe that you’re trying to distance yourself from the Nicki stuff and focus on the music.
I’m just working on myself. You work on yourself everyday, right?

Are you and Nicki on good terms?
We’re on great terms.

Anything else you want to add?
Health, wealth and positivity. You get what you put out.

Safaree also recently snagged a campaign with Karl Kani clothing and is gearing up to have the video for his single “Burner” debut on MTV Jams.