Rihanna’s vocals were on “fleek” at tonight’s Grammy Awards.

Hitting the stage with Kanye West and Paul McCartney for their first live performance of “FourFiveSeconds,” the bad gal’s singing was an easy highlight. Coordinating with West and McCartney by rocking a chic mens suit, RiRi belted out the track’s proclamation of being close to the edge with an updated fervor.

Chalk it up to Sir Paul and Yeezy if you’d like, but that would make for a good sign. West announced on the Grammys red carpet that he would serve as the executive producer on Rihanna’s upcoming eighth album, R8. In an interview last summer, producer Stargate also confirmed that the singer’s vocal ability has grown.

“She has grown as a vocalist. So now when she sings a song she enhances it immensely,” he told VIBE. “I think we are digging even deeper when it comes to songwriting. We are still keeping it fresh and sexy because that’s who she is. That’s Rihanna’s personality. But as a vocalist she can handle more things.”