Beyoncé and Jay Z made gossip headlines in 2014 as they reportedly went through marriage troubles, supposedly because the rapper has been unfaithful. The cheating rumours have gone relatively quiet in the past months until recently: the couple was reportedly caught publicly arguing inside a restaurant.

According to Mail Online writer Fay Strang, Beyoncé and Jay Z put on a good front for the camera during the Grammy Awards over the weekend, showing their togetherness. However, prior to the event the couple was reportedly not in good terms with each other.

“Last week Beyoncé, who is usually the picture of composure, was seen rowing with her very famous partner in a rather public restaurant,” Strang said.

According to Strang, Queen Bey and Jay Z were caught arguing with each other while dining at Sunset Boulevard’s Sushi Park restaurant in Hollywood. No specific date was mentioned on when the row took place, but a photo shared by the site allegedly shows the couple inside the resto, with Beyoncé supposedly looking unhappy.

According to Strang, the photo captured Beyoncé waving a finger at her husband at one point during the argument.

“But while Queen Bey tried to get her point across, Jay Z couldn’t take his eyes of his phone, leading to speculation the couple are at loggerheads once again,” she added.

Beyoncé is said to be struggling with trust issues and Jay Z constantly on his phone only makes matters worse. According to Strang, Beyoncé fears her husband is cheating on her because of the amount of time he spends on the phone. Strang quoted a source for Grazia magazine who said Beyoncé is convinced Jay Z is hiding some things which she isn’t privy to.

According to the source, the rapper is always on his phone even when he’s at home. Jay Z reportedly locks himself inside his office doing hours of phone calls. If not on the phone, he’s said to be on his computer for hours, which Beyoncé has no access to since it’s locked with passwords and access codes.

However, Beyoncé and Jay Z seems to be still very much together. According to UK’s Daily Record, they are even planning on working on a joint album. Likewise, the couple has not released any statements on the recent reports about their marriage.

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