He’s officially been dubbed, ‘The Closer’ owing to his ability to recharge and hype a weary crowd into a musical frenzy.

On Saturday night at the Digicel Redemption Live concert on the Waterfront in downtown, Kingston, I-Octane exchanged his usual closing presentation in favour of a prime time performance. And what a performance it was!

The King of Reggae, Bob Marley, in whose honour the show was held, must surely have looked down and given a smile of approval.

Dressed in full red, the reggae/dancehall superstar paid tribute to Bob Marley with the song Who The Cap Fit, which went down very well with the crowd.

I-Octane then delved into his own catalogue and unleashed goodies, which sent the crowd into a musical frenzy.

His set, which included a mix of the old and the new, saw him doing songs such as Gal Ting, Cyaa Do It, What a Way We Shattin/We Run di Flippin Place, My Story, the ever popular Lose A friend, Mama Jah Jah and L.O.V.E.

From the reception given by the crowd, it seemed that every song was a crowd favourite and the more he gave, the more they wanted.

He was later joined by Vanessa Bling, formerly Gaza Slim, as they both performed their popular collaboration Cya Do It.

In an interview backstage, I-Octane stated that he was honoured to perform on a concert in Jamaica paying tribute reggae icon, Bob Marley.