“I feel great. It is a blessing for the whole team.”

While relaxing at his home in Tobago yesterday, seven-time Road March champion Machel Montano gave thanks on copping the coveted 2015 Road March title with “Like Ah Boss” which was played 390 times.
Montano also took second place with “Erupt” which was played 37 times. Third place went to Olatunji Yearwood with his infectious “Ola”, which was played 22 times. Olatunji won the Groovy Soca Monarch title last Friday night with “Ola”.

Montano’s Road March victory comes on the heels of him being crowned International Power Soca Monarch 2015 last Friday night. In previous years, Montano also laid claim to Five Power Soca Monarch (2011 to 2015) and two Groovy (2012/2013) titles.

Reflecting on having claimed the lion’s share of the Road March spoils with “Like A Boss” and “Erupt”, Montano said it was “the strangest thing since both songs were held back from last year (2014).” Montano added, “Like A Boss (Groovy) was for the groovy. ‘Erupt’ was the Road March song. But we felt safe with ‘Ministry of the Road’ and ‘Happiest Man Alive’”. It was the evolution of what happened this year.”

Sharing his sentiments on “Erupt”, Montano said, “Since it came second, it says we (the team) still have the right formula, and the right magic. We heeded the voice of the public wanting something slower and sweeter.”

Like a true boss, Montano paid kudos to his team who are his backbone of success.

“We really set out to make music to make everybody happy. We wanted to push the envelopes a bit and do things that would advance soca music. We got the help of a number of foreign producers. We had Angela Hunte, Deputy (Producer) and Roc Nation. Those links are becoming even more successful. We have people working on the fringes of the United States. We are partaking in soca and making a bridge with them. It is a really successful venture,” Montano said.


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