Soca artiste Olatunji Yearwood awoke to the “wonderful news” yesterday evening that he had copped third place in the Road March competition with his self-titled hit “Ola”.

“Ola” is the shortened version of Olatunji, which means “honour
restored again”. He was in winner’s row behind soca sensation Machel Montano, who placed first with “Like Ah Boss” and “Erupt”.

Olatunji also has the distinction of copping the Groovy title in the Soca Monarch competition last Friday. He has dedicated the performance to his late parents, actress Mairoon Ali and father Edward Yearwood.

Asked to comment on his Road March victory, Olatunji said: “It is such good news…such
wonderful news. The Ola season was a golden season. It was full of rich blessings. I feel really good. I am so surprised and happy I came in third.”

He said he had gauged the competition from Montano’s “Like A Boss”. Surprisingly, he said he was buoyed at the response to “such a slow song”.

He added: “Obviously, coming to the end, I felt that was it. But I could not believe it that people were taking such a slow song and
using it to cross the stage. The soca has come a long way. We are
getting back to the old-time days. I saw selfies and Instagrams. It was sweet to see little two- and three-year-olds dancing to the Ola. They were singing “Ola! Ola! Ola!”.

On Carnival Tuesday, Olatunji said he saw a bit of “excitement” while playing mas with Island People. He also thanked people for the love they showed him in the absence of his parents.

“I want to thank everyone who continued to support me. I was crying on the final night of Soca Monarch. People came over and told me how proud my parents would have been. I continue to draw inspiration from them.”