American rap group G-Unit gave props to Jamaica in a recent interview with a US-based radio station, stating that the island is one of the realest places to perform.

The group also said the Jamaican audience is unique in the way they show respect to music.

“I cannot forget Kingston, Jamaica. That’s one of the realest places. A lot of rappers talk sht and that is cool, but Jamaica is like a tested ground, and there are not a lot of rappers from here that can walk the streets of Kingston,” Young Buck of the group said.

Fifty Cent, who chimed into the conversation, said somebody was allegedly killed in close vicinity to the venue where he was slated to perform. However, the incident did not stop Jamaicans from flocking the show.

“I was at the hotel, and by the time that happened, they called back to say something happened at the venue but the show was still on, so I said ‘Well, I am still doing my show then.’ It’s a little more rowdy in Jamaica, they make blow torches and use lighters and stuff like that. They will light an entire mountain,” the rapper laughed.

Young Buck continued his account of the experience in Jamaica saying G-Unit received gun salutes for their performance.

“Me and Lloyd Banks came out before 50 Cent, and as soon as we hit the stage! One thing I learnt is that when Jamaicans raise their fingers in the air and shout bop bop bop, it’s only because they don’t have the real thing in their hands.

“When they do have it in their hands and they respect your music, all you will see is them things going off. I think they respect just seeing nias that could stand being through some stuff like that, and let them know that they are from that environment,” he said.

Fifty Cent and his G-Unit crew performed in Jamaica in 2006 and 2011.