After expressing his grievances with Cash Money Records and co-founder Birdman on his Twitter timeline last December, Lil Wayne has opened up about the YMCM-beef.

“I have no words,” he told Rolling Stone (Feb. 19). “I’m super-numb to it, to tell you the truth.”

Tunechi adds, “I’m human. But it’s nothing that a good blunt can’t cure.”

When not smoking his cares away, Wayne has been dealing with a $51 million lawsuit against Baby & Co., alleging that they withheld important financial documents and owe him $8 million for Tha Carter V from a 2012 deal that reportedly guaranteed a $10 million advance per album.

Below are more highlights from the R.S. Q&A:

On Tha Carter V’s status:
“It’s super-done. Cake baked, icing on top, name on top, candles lit. I would have released it yesterday if I could. But it’s a dead subject right now. It’s a jewel in the safe. It’s that stash-house money.”

On The Free Weezy Album’s status:
“I’m working on it every day, man. I guarantee it’s going to be something dope. If you don’t want a musician being creative, don’t get The Free Weezy Album.”

On navigating social media:
“Sometimes I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about on Instagram. I had to call [my daughter Reginae], like, ‘What the hell is “on fleek”?'”

On possibly retiring music and his ideal vacation:
“I’ve thought about it. But for a person like me that bleeds, eats, sleeps and shits music, it’s hard to do … When I go home, I want my actual house to be a vacation. And I might give y’all three new kids from four different women. You know how I do it.”