Dancehall deejay Touchless is upbeat about the online response and success to his latest video, ‘Work It’, which features Spice.

The video was shot in Canada (where Touchless resides) and was released a few weeks ago. Since then, it has racked 150,000 views on YouTube.

“The response has been unbelievable. Look at all the views it has been getting. We have a lot of promotion taking place at present, and a number of television outlets have been contacting us for the video. It’s a good look,” said Touchless.

The video showcases a female dancer in a nightclub, going all out to impress a patron with her dancing skills.

Along with the online promotion, street guru Andrew Powell of Stampede Street Charts has been actively doing blasts and promotions to increase notability of the song and video.

Canada-based African channel, Feva TV International, as well as TEMPO Networks, are among the stations which have jumped on board to showcase the video.

Touchless was in Jamaica during the Christmas holidays where he performed to favourable reviews on GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza, Galiday Bounce and Sting.

He also utilised the opportunity to record songs for various producers including Sonny Spoon. Their collaboration isSecret Love.

Work It is on the Universal Link records label.