As dancehall artiste Masicka tries to find a stable footing in the music industry after leaving the Konshens-led SubKonshus Music last year, another hurdle has come in his way, as a woman is alleging that he is not taking care of their son.

On February 5, 2014, a Facebook group, ‘Masicka Fi Mine Him Son’ was created and already has 145 members. The description on the group says, “Encourage unu DJ fi mine him son.”

On that same day, someone commented in the group and said, “go to court and tell them you want to take out a summons for him and them will deal with it from there …, but how I don’t see any pic with you and him?”

To that the person who created the group responded, “He is never around so you won’t see a pic of me and him.”

In addition, numerous pictures of the child were posted in the group. The same child can also be seen numerous times on Masicka’s Instagram page.

But the woman did not stop there, as she also took her rant to Instagram earlier this week, where she launched an attack on the artiste, but deleted the post some hours later.

In that post, the woman accuses him of being a homosexual, as well as someone who engages in oral sex.

“Himbuss before him. Oh wow! Waste a everything. Si mi and rush mi nuh dawg a dat yuh fi do. Loud and proud …; defend it and mek people dead now,” she said, in the Instagram post that was made on Monday.

The WEEKEND STAR tried to get in contact with the woman who made the posts but was unsuccessful.

However, when Masicka was asked to comment on the matter, he said, “no, no time at all. Mi tek mi family thing and mi son personal.”

Meanwhile, since the start of the year, Masicka has released songs like General A Road, Just Can’t Do It and Waiting.