Things are starting to get ugly in the case of Bobby Shmurda.

While he sits in jail awaiting trial despite a $2 million bail, he, and his lawyer are speaking up on the lack of support they are receiving from his record company Epic Records.

Shmurda, real name Ackquille Pollard, opened up on the lack of support to New York Times.

“When I got locked up, I thought they were going to come for me,” he said. “but they never came.”

His lawyer also spoke out about the lack of support, going into more detail about how they feel after the company signed him to a lucrative deal.

“These companies for years have capitalized and made millions and millions of dollars from kids in the inner city portraying their plight to the rest of the world,” Matthew Middleton said. “To take advantage of that and exploit it from a business standpoint and then turn your back is disingenuous, to say the least.”

Shmurda is still hoping to be released after pleading not guilty to charges of conspiracy, reckless endangerment and gun possession.

He is facing up to 25 years in prison.