It looks like Bowwow might have been on to something when he was blasting the Rev. Al Sharpton on being a sellout!

According to the NY Post, it is alleged that the Reverend was paid $3.8 million to keep quiet about the fact that there is a lack of black cable TV progamming, which came to light when Al was hit with a $20 billion lawsuit by the National Association of African-American Owned Media.

The association claims that Sharpton and his network accepted cash donations from Comcast as a way to keep him quiet about the lack of black owned channels. Also in the deal, Sharpton would be gauranteed a $750,000 salary as a MSNBC host, even when his ratings have been declining.

Comedian Byron Allen, who is a co-plaintiff and owner of Entertainment Studios, told The Post,“The black community has been sold out by him. Al Sharpton should be ashamed of himself for defending Comcast for a simple chicken-dinner payoff.”

The lawsuit blasts Comcast for only having one black owned channel as well as Time Warner, who they say are following in the same footsteps. But when the lawsuit was initially filed, it was alleged that instead of Sharpton’s National Action Network as well as the NAACP and National Urban League, protesting along side of the lawsuit, the organizations all signed “voluntary diversity agreements” with Comcast, which scored NAN $140,000, the NAACP $30,000 and the National Urban League, $835,000 from the agreement.

Of course Sharpton denied the allegations calling them, “frivolous at best.” However, he does not deny that Comcast has been generous with donations but tries to justify it by saying that the donations do not amount anywhere near $1 million. Comcast has also chimed in by saying the suit is filled with,“inflammatory, inaccurate and unsupported allegations.”

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