Currently incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda called into the Ebro In The Morning radio show to clear up some of the rumours and reports surrounding his current legal situation. The Brooklyn rhymer did confirm he is currently in protective custody.

“They got me in protective custody inside the Manhattan building called ‘The Tombs,’” said Shmurda. “Court ordered – at first, me and Rowdy [Rebel] had stuck it out. We were in intake before they take you up. They had us sleeping in there for like two days. I was like, ‘My back’s starting to hurt. We’re going upstairs.’”

Bobby then revealed he and Rowdy got into an altercation which resulted in his rap partner being placed in solitary confinement. The leader of the GS9 label also discussed his treatment from the police on the night he was arrested.

“What the public is hearing about that night is bulls**t. It’s not true. The cops been trying to slay me forever, but they never catch me with nothing,” said Shmurda. “Four or five cops had grabbed me up. They told me, ‘I don’t want my kids listening to your music.’”

The conversation ended abruptly after Bobby made those comments. The radio station’s staff assumed the authorities cut the line.