XXL sat down with 50 Cent recently and got to talk about Drake’s new mixtape, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”.

Drake’s name came up as one of the artists who admires 50 during a recent convo with XXL, and the G-Unit general weighed in on Drake’s latest release.

“His mixtape reflects that,” 50 said last night about Drake being a fan. “But boy, that n**** was on point, wasn’t he? He came through there with his s*** sharp. It was tight.”

50 explained that the Toronto MC was experiencing one of those rare career moments where the stars align, something 50 knows about all too well.

“Look, I don’t have favorite artists, I have favorite moments from artists,” 50 continued. “Like, ‘Ooh, you ain’t gonna beat him at that, not that, that’s what he do,’ you know what I’m saying? All of us have those moments, I think, but not everybody can appreciate it.”

50 had told MTV that two artists he’d like to work with were Drake and Rihanna, explaining they’d both bring something to the table that he himself does not.

G-Unit is gearing up to drop The Beast Is G-Unit EP this Tuesday and 50 is still working on his next solo album, Street King Immortal.

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