Reggae singer Etana is at home convalescing after being released from a hospital in Miami on Thursday morning.

She had been at home, packing suitcases, and preparing for her return to Jamaica for JaRIA’s Reggae Wednesday showcase, when she felt dizzy and then suddenly fainted. She blacked out for several minutes.

“I called 911 while trying to revive her, and after a few minutes the paramedics came and they took care of her, and put her in the ambulance and rushed to the hospital,” Andre Morris, Etana’s husband and manager, said.

The doctors ran a battery of tests, and kept her a few hours for observation before finally releasing her Thursday morning.

“I just want my fans to know that I am alright, and I will be strong enough to perform at the private ‘Stop Ebola and Build For the Future’ concert. The doctors said it was just a combination of dehydration and exhaustion, just stress,” Etana said.

Etana just completed her European tour where she contracted a cold but still managed to complete all her gigs.

“At the time when I regained consciousness, I was not afraid, I didn’t know what was going on. The thing is, a few weeks ago, I had started feeling a pain in my side, not like a regular back pain, it felt like one of my organs was tightening up. I didn’t realise I wasn’t drinking enough water, and I wasn’t eating properly. I just keep going, I never stopped to rest. Maybe I was too stressed and did not take any time to rest, I didn’t stop moving…I just need to take better care of myself,” she said.

The ‘Stop Ebola and Build For the Future’ concert will be held at the United Nations General Assembly Hall on March 2.

Etana’s single, Better Tomorrow will be re-released on March 3 and all proceeds will go towards children orphaned by Ebola. Etana and VP Records have joined the effort – led by the United African Congress, Give Them a Hand Foundation and the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation – to fight Ebola.

Etana will return home next week before she hits the road for a US tour.

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