It’s refreshing to know that celebrities really are just like us, including Gabrielle Union. The 42-year-old stopped by The View this week, candidly speaking about her selfie addiction, black women’s body image disorder and her highly rated BET scripted drama, Being Mary Jane.

Union, who tied the knot with NBA baller Dwyane Wade last year, addressed Body Dysmorphia and it unhealthy affects on black women, driving them to be perfect.

“And when you aspire to perfection or what you’re idea of perfection is via social media or Instagram, it works your brain,” she said. “I mean, talk about body dysmorphia, you can take it in a whole different direction. Just what I experienced personally. I mean how many selfies do you have to take before you find the one that’s like,” she stopped to modeled and gave several different selfie poses, “You lose touch with reality.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg praised Union on her outstanding portrayal of title character Mary Jane Paul. “There’s something I love about you on the show and it got a lot of attention. You were talking about Instagram models,” Whoopi said.

“In that scene, my niece is saying ‘I’m thick; I’m thick,’ and I say no you’re unhealthy and you try and mess around and be an Instagram model and you’re gonna lose a foot to diabetes for not living healthy,” Union added. Truth.