Despite being released over year ago, dancehall artiste Spice is still receiving attention for her sexually explicit single/music video, ‘So Mi Like It’.

So Mi Like It speaks to Spice’s bedroom prowess. The video features Spice dressed in various outfits showing off her curves, as her love interest is mesmerised by her gyrations.

The video also features scantily dressed female dancers who perform acrobatic dance moves, projecting themselves in various positions.

The raunchy dance display in So Mi Like It was so intense that Jamaica-born rapper and ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj Safaree ‘Scaff Beezy’ Samuels was forced to flirt with Spice on twitter.

While posting a clip from the video to his instagram page, he said: “Yowwwww, Jamaican people are sooo sexy and sexual. Big up Spice. This mad up!”

The outspoken deejay then flirted back with the rapper by blowing a kiss using an emoticon. “Hey boo! Thanks for the love. Big up yuhself,” she tweeted.

Scaff Beezy then responded, “I’m hype! Spice replied to me! Jamaica to di world!”

In a follow-up interview, Spice told The STAR that she feels excited that the song continues to boost her popularity in the US and other countries.

“I feel excited. I travel extensively because of this song, and it feels good when I hear foreigners and people from other races singing it. I also think that my fanbase has increased tremendously since the release of this single,” Spice said.

As for Scaff Beezy describing the video as being sexual, Spice said the high sexual content was intentional.

“It was intended to make the video sexy. That is why I went for sexy dancers. I started out as a sex symbol, and sex sells. A lot of persons come to my shows because they want to see sexy Spice,” she told The STAR.

The video features girls from Russian Dancers, MoBay Dancers, among others, and has received close to 16 million views on

Spice is gearing up to release another music video, this time for the single called Back Bend. Scaff Beezy recently released his debut music video called Burner, his first effort since breaking up with Nicki Minaj.