Afrojack is eying even more Hip Hop collaborations.

Dutch EDM DJ Afrojack recently sat down with Steve Lobel for another segment of Live with Steve Lobel.

Hip Hop and electronic dance music have been intertwining more than ever.

After working with artists such as Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown, Afrojack says that recording with Snoop Dogg was certainly a highlight.

“One of the dopest collaborations I ever did was with Snoop Dogg in Amsterdam it was an amazing experience just because Snoop is Snoop,” says Afrojack within the five-minute clip. “We did a lot of freestyle stuff. It was lots of fun…He’s a great guy.”

When asked who he would like to work with in the future, Afrojack stuck with artists primarily in the Hip hop genre.

“There’s a couple actually,” he replied. “Missy Elliott… I’m in touch with her. Kanye…I’m in touch with Rihanna since last Superbowl. I would love to work with her but first things first, I need to get her to just listen to some shit.”

Before the interview is over, Lobel tells Afrojack that one day he will land an epic Rihanna collaboration, simply because he discussed it.

“I guarantee you, you’ll probably get a number one with Rihanna because when you speak it into existence it comes back,” he says.