FARMER Nappy may have been the headliner for Bacchanal Fridays, at the New Mas Camp, in St Andrew, but it was Barrie Hype who stole the limelight.

“I love you Jamaica,” he shouted to the adoring mass who wanted more of his music.

With Richie D doing the opening stint, Farmer Nappy made his appearance after midnight. He started slow, first teasing with his mega-hit Big People Party, then running through his substantial stable of soca songs including Chippin, and Surrender.

Eventually the combination of his high-energy performance and the stage pyrotechnics transferred to the crowd. By the close of his set, which included Stranger, My House, and the full length of Big People Party he had the crowd waving their rags.

Farmer Nappy’s exit left a hole that Barrie Hype capitalised on as the partygoers were clearly still fired up from the performance. Hype seized the moment and kept the dancing going to the 2:00 am lock-off time.

Bringing Richie D into the mix, he switched up duties behind the turntables spinning tunes and running out onto the front of the stage acting as his own hype man.

In a moment of brilliance, he rinsed JW & Blaze’s Palance for all it was worth pitting the men against the women. The fun battle had each gender trying to outdo the other palancing left and right in the venue.

He was also helped by the Smirnoff dancers as the brand took over the night, giving it the theme Wildfire.

“Carnival and Bacchanal is one of our largest national events, and Smirnoff is about bringing everyone together,” Nasha Douglas, brand manager — wine and spirits, Red Stripe, told the Jamaica Observer.

When asked on what else Smirnoff has in store for carnival fans, Douglas replied, “We are saving our arsenal for summer”.