There’s some questionable footage circulating of Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna, in a physical altercation. The fight in question is said to have taken place at school. We’ve peeped the footage, that has gone viral at this point, and we can’t make out the faces. However, Iyanna has allegedly shared a response, defending folk that say that she took an L in the brawl.

On Facebook, Iyanna allegedly wrote:

“I lost? Oh ok because last tiem I checked she left the fight marked up & I Left the fight with not one mark. Last time I checked, y’all seen a 15 second video & weren’t there for the whole thing..because everyone at school who was actually there to see the whole thing said I whooped her a**..Yea she tapped me on the head a couple of times but I ate them sh*ts right up. you see that lil sh*t ain’t stop me from jumpong on top of that a** n getting it in…”

Iyanna’s father, Floyd, or mother Melissa have yet to comment on the alleged brawl.