Roland Emmerich, director of the original Independence Day and student of the Michael Bay School For Blowing Up The World, took to Twitter today to announce the newest cast additions for the sequel to the OG summer blockbuster. Jeff Goldblum will be returning as David Levinson, the tech-savvy nerd-hero who defeated a highly evolved alien race with a first generation Macintosh laptop. Joining him is Hunger Games heartthrob and passable action star Liam Hemsworth. No word if the ghost of Randy Quaid will be returning.
indendence day
Today’s biggest announcement came in the form of a replacement for Captain Steven Hiller aka Will Smith, since Mr. Fourth of July made it clear he wants nothing to do with suiting up for the sequel. Jessie Usher, star of the Lebron James-produced Survivor’s Remorse series, will play the now grown-up son of Smith’s original character, and, in all likelihood, humanity’s newest savior.