Because we’re taking our selfie obsession too far, a company called LoveHoney is selling the Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator, a vibrator and endoscopy “love child” that allows couples to Facetime with selfies of a woman’s genitalia. At four inches, the Gaga Camera Vibrator also allows users to upload steamy footage of a woman achieving an orgasm to PCs and smartphones.

According to LoveHoney, “It allows users to get to know their body in its entirety thanks to the remarkably clear footage this camera captures.Thanks to its FaceTime compatibility, sharing the view with your lover couldn’t be easier – whether you’re sat right next to each other or miles apart.”

Gaga Vibrator Camera costs £119.99 ($184.30) and, surprisingly enough, people are ordering this product like it’s going out of style. On their website, one reviewer of the product shared:

“This is a vibrator that beats all the rest with its inbuilt technology. This toy has a camera on the tip and allows you to upload your recordings on your PC or directly to FaceTime. Wow, is all I can say. I was super excited when I purchased this toy. Once it was charged initially, it was ready for use. The camera is such good quality and the light round the tip picks up everything – be warned! There are multiple settings on this vibrator and it is easy to control, although the lower settings are extremely powerful. I haven’t needed to use the higher ones. This toy is so much fun. It is so sleek. While rigid, it feels so perfect. It is my ultimate Sex Toy and I intend to use it over and over. This is technology at its best.”