Etana has responded to the concerns raised by well-known producer Shane Brown that he wasn’t recognised in recent press releases for his work on her A Better Tomorrow song.

The song has been re-released and was selected as the ‘Stop Ebola Campaign’s official anthem.

“Shane, I’m only making a public response because you made it so. Which I think you shouldn’t have. Better tomorrow album was in every major news paper and magazine across the US And UK and in every write up your name and all the musicians and back ground vocalist were mentioned in every single one. I never left you out. I have the outmost respect for yourself and your father and you know this,” Etana said in a release.

She continued: “I have people who post for me on Instagram. It’s not often that I post a picture myself and it’s not often that I check it. If I had known or seen your comment I would have called you and asked what it was about. In addition, the story of how the song was made has been said by me time and time again because the song, ‘Better Tomorrow’, has sparked interest all over the world. More than anything, you know I have never been disrespectful to you and I never will be.”

Etana added that VP called and said that the song was chosen to help rebuild communities in Guinea and other places in Africa affected by EBOLA. The UN group, she said, wanted to reproduce the song.

“I had no problem with that because I assumed you had gotten the same call but I agree I should have called anyway. I understood at the moment I got the call that this song wasn’t about me and what I thought it would have done it is actually doing so. I told them I would do anything I can to help support the cause,” Etana said.

She concluded: “I just didn’t think it had to get here because we don’t have any issues with each other Shane and to be truthful I always give credit where credit is due and the world knows this but it’s not about us or the musicians anymore it’s about the cause. I am happy to know you would have donated your work to the cause anyway. I think you recognize the bigger picture. I am really sorry you feel slighted.”

Yesterday, Brown took to social media to protest that he was disappointed that he was not contacted by neither VP nor Etana about the accomplishment.