Kanye West’s status as a rap deity has been taken to new heights. In perhaps the most peculiar display of fandemonium ever, bags of air from the rapper’s “Yeezus” tour went on sale on eBay – and people actually placed bids. According to Consequence Of Sound, one listing actually raked in a $60,000 bid. Yes, you read that correctly.

Kim Kardashian even caught wind of the weird display of obsession phenomena, and responded on Twitter that her man can sell anything:

Now, more than a dozen Ziploc bag that supposedly have air from the Yeezus tour and West’s adidas fashion are up for bidding on eBay as well. The posting are accompanied with ridiculous enticing details.

“OFFICIAL air from Kanye West’s Yeezus tour!! More than 20 Ziploc bags available! Air taken from FRONT ROW SEATS; POSSIBLY CONTAINS KANYE’S BREATH!!!!,” one post read.