Damon Dash has a new million-dollar baby that he hopes will take the movie business by storm. Damon Dash Studios, his self-funded film company, already has four films in its repertoire. His next pulled card? Kanye West.

To much surprise – after a rather rocky relationship – Yeezy has found a new loyalty to his past mentor. Just recently, Damon Dash Studios announced West’s position as an executive producer in future movie endeavors. For Dash however, hopes for the hip-hop multi-hyphenate’s involvement with the company are penthouse top-floor high.

“Hopefully, Kanye will want to get creative and jump in as an actor or director or anything he wants,” Dash told Page Six. “The only thing I don’t want to do with him is music, because we’ve already done that. There’s an expectation when Kanye and I do something. It has to be different, it has to be authentic.”

The previously questionable dynamic between West and Dash seems to have solidified on good terms, backed by their joint eight-part film Loisaidas, which premiered online in back in February.