Up-and-coming artiste Maestro Don is now fuming after allegedly being disrespected by artiste Gully Bop at an event over the weekend.

According to Maestro Don, the incident took place at the ‘Dancehall Nice Again’ event in Old Harbour, when he made reference to Gully Bop’s teeth during his set.

“I did a song that said ‘suppose me fi tek badness to another level and kick out boy teeth mek dem look like Gully Bop’. When me a exit the stage, me hear somebody a say, ‘a which likkle boy call Gully Bop name? You will lose you life’. Gully Bop disrespect me! Him need fi humble himself,” Maestro Don told THE STAR.

He added that he was not looking for an apology from Gully Bop, but wanted the artiste to ‘stop hyping’.

“I nah pay him no mind because me nah stoop to a mad man level. Him need fi stay inna him mad lane and humble himself. Him disrespect me. Him jump in a him ego. A music me a deal wid. When him a diss other artistes inna song, nobody nah say nutten, so why him a bring in ‘lose I’m life’ inna it?” Maestro Don stated.

Questioned as to whether he would work with Gully Bop in the future, Maestro Don had this to say: “No. Never. Me nah defame him ting, but Gully Bop’s career is a fad. Me nah knock him ting, though, because we need people like him fi keep it exciting when dem come and do. Longevity is my aim, and that is what I’m working towards.”

Maestro Don is currently gearing up to release his soon-to-be titled EP. In the meantime, his Menace To SocietyEP, along with his latest single and video, You A My Gal, are in heavy rotation. Fans of the artiste can also see him in performance on the RJR Cross Country Tour.

Efforts to contact Gully Bop or a member of his camp were unsuccessful.
Jamaica Star