Pharrell came through in the clutch with 140 characters to praise a movement of anti-bullying this past weekend. The story began with a circulating request from writer Cassandra Fairbanks, who was trying to reach out to a man named Sean, or “The Dancing Man.” Sean went viral on the Internet when an individual snapped an embarrassing photo of him dancing, and then halting in shame.

Fairbanks, who was moved by the photo, reached out to the man to do something special for him. Along with 2000 women, Cassandra Fairbanks was able to raise $40,000 to throw a dancing party for Sean. The Dancing Man has since been busting moves all through the media. Celebrities including Moby and Pharrell have offered their services for continued events to rally against bullying.

All proceeds from the initiative will go towards the anti-bullying campaign. Be on the look out to bust a dance move and spread the message