“It [starts] like, ‘Benji, I feel like dancing’. We dance all the time — if we’re not [hiking] at Runyon Canyon, we’re dancing because that’s all workout. She’s like, ‘Benji, I feel like making a video’. And my response is like, ‘OK, Miss Rose. What song should I listen to?’ Then she’ll be like, ‘You ready?’ Then I do it. She’s very particular — if you take a picture of her, she likes a certain angle. It’s all about the frame, she says, about the whole frame of everything. I’m naturally gifted and creative, so I know the correct frame automatically.”

–Amber Rose’s — or as she’s called by her live-in assistant, Benji Carlisle, “Miss Rose” — assistant on what it’s like to work for Miss Rose, and when he’s not making art by catching the correct angle of Amber’s hot body, he’s doing everyday things like picking up the dry cleaning, and doing the grocery shopping.

Benji continues the interview in a rather lovely way, concluding it with, “I love her as my family. We are a family now. Me, Amber, [her] mom, Bash, and Pauly and Franky, the dogs. She inspires me. She’s my mentor. Oh my gosh, I’m about to cry — I don’t know, she’s really more like a guardian angel than a boss. My focus is on her. I am looking forward to supporting Miss Rose as much as she needs me to support her, work for her ’til my grave. I’m happy.”