Musician and lecturer Dr Glenroy Pinnock will be making a presentation at the University of Technology today, promoting the possibility of using reggae music to teach mathematics.

According to the lecturer, the spiritually of reggae music conditions the mind to learn.

“I will be using live instrumental reggae to improve students’ practice time, and hence mathematics test scores. A lot of times people procrastinate when it comes to studying. But the beat of reggae will prepare them for that, because once the neurones in the brain vibrate at a certain frequency, then the whole thinking for mathematical reasoning will be increased,” Dr Pinnock told The STAR

Dr Pinnock says his presentation will be relevant to the ministry of education, students, parents and teachers of mathematics.

“They can all look at this as a new way to teach and learn mathematics. If you observe the patrons who listen to conscious reggae music, you will realise that there is a spiritual frequency which stimulates them. Sometimes you don’t even like the song, but your head keeps nodding and that is because it is impacting on the brain,” he said.

The presentation will be held at the Caribbean School of Nursing at Utech and will commence at 12:30 p.m.