The ever-philanthropic John Legend added to his repertoire of good causes by teaming up with ONE DROP, a non-profit organization that aims to provide global access to clean water. Created by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté, the two took their partnership to the stage at the The Beatles LOVE Theatre in Las Vegas on Friday night (Mar. 20).

Dubbed the annual “One Night for ONE DROP” event, Legend joined over 100 (very flexible) Cirque du Soleil performers, for a one-night-only event. With his voice and piano strokes serving as an accent to Cirque’s signature high-flying acrobatics, the singer repurposed his mega-ballad “All Of Me” as a beautiful complement to the artful circus’ symbolic six-act production. Legend also performed another Love In The Future track, “Dreams,” for the show’s finale.

While Legend served as a (Grammy and Oscar award-winning) anchor for the event, the mesmerizing show let his masterful voice inhabit the background as contortionists, aerial artists and dancers communicated powerful messages of love, life, science and survival to the audience. In addition to stimulating the ears and eyes, “One Night for ONE DROP” also tugged at hearts and minds. Flashing words across two large screens, one quote highlighted the organization’s goal to try to combat the unknown challenges of water access. “For the first time in history, we are preparing kids for a future we cannot clearly describe,” it read.

The night also included a silent auction, as well as a public auction to help raise funds from benefactors. With bids and voluntary pledges combined, ONE DROP raised a staggering total of 8 million dollars, nearly totaling funds raised in the last two years combined.