Popular entertainment site posted the following story earlier this morning:

Amber Rose has an ass that just won’t quit … getting Photoshopped — and here’s a little before and ass-ter to prove it.
Amber posted a bunch of Instagram shots from her day at the beach in Hawaii — and everything was so smooth. But then we got some paparazzi shots of her ass — it’s hard to miss — and these pics are straight outta dimpleville.
Truth is Amber’s in good company — even Beyonce’s been busted multiple times altering pics.
And say what you want about it, but that booty trapped Kanye West AND Wiz Khalifa.

The story was accompanied by side by side shots of edited and unedited photos of Amber Rose on the beach.

Amber Rose responded by posting TMZ’s photo to her Instagram, openly accepting her flaws with the caption:

Yaaaaaas dimples on the booty!

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