T.I. has gone from dope boy to emcee to icon to felon, actor and producer all in one lifetime. Such is the tumultuous life of T.I.P, but his role in the Kevin Hart and Will Farrell driven Get Hard may be his most salient and stereotypical yet, at least stereotypical in the hands of someone else.

He plays the cousin of Darnell (Kevin Hart) who’s had his troubles with legal system, and is the leader of a local gang. What he adds to the part is a tenacity of purpose, which is a welcome departure from the two-dimensional carbon cut-out it could have been. But the man’s also got other things on his mind, and as HipHopDX had the opportunity to sit down with the Hustlegang head honcho, we talked briefly about the role, being compared to a young Ronald Reagan, and whether there’re any politics are in his future.