For a stretch of time between 2009 and 2010, Wiz Khalifa was in a creative groove. 2010’s Kush & OJ made him a star and 2009’s How Fly joint project with Curren$y only set the stage for what should have followed.

How Fly was six years ago, but that doesn’t mean Wiz doesn’t have the lungs and spirit to get back into that mode. He and Spitta’s latest track “Uber Driver” — produced by Sledgren — is proof of that.

Invigorated not just by the beat but with something to prove, Wiz sounds right for a change here, snapping back into a flow that is more alive and on the “I’ll smoke a bowl with your chick and laugh about it”

Curren$y is and always will be Curren$y, rolling in his own lane making sure he has enough audio joints to pass around and keep everybody satisfied.

Stream “Uber Driver”, the first track off the appropriately titled 2009 from Spit Vicious and Wiz here.